Your Lover

“Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.”
– Roberto Bolano

A girlfriend experience like no other.

Time with me is in turns thrilling, intimate, and unforgettable.  

The girlfriend experience is often seen as the basic, the vanilla, the boring.  I don’t agree with this perception in the slightest.  Authenticity, warmth and unadulterated sensuality underpin everything I love about my work, and despite my propensity to kink, there is very little that can match the thrill of making real, chemistry-filled connections.  There is nothing ‘basic’ about creating magic.  If you’re looking for the part-time girlfriend you’ve always dreamed of – engaged, open-minded, willing and joyful – you’ve come to the right place.

I carry myself with sexy, understated elegance, but my aesthetic is far from the girl-next-door. I want something more, and since you’re here, I’m guessing you do, too.  You will find me to be an engaging, discreet and sparkling companion at the restaurant, the gallery, the west end show… whatever you have in mind – and behind closed doors, we can really start getting to know each other.

The submissive side of me yearns to please.  I will cater to your every need, and leave you feeling more fulfilled than you may have done for years.  I spend a lot of time and effort to prepare for our date; pristine manicures, perfecting my glamorous yet natural and understated makeup, and pouring my voluptuous curves into high-end lingerie for you to discover in private gives me the greatest thrill.  Don’t be fooled, though – the warm, soft side of me doesn’t take away from my confidence and sense of self – I am no wilting lily. 

I get a real kick out of getting to know you, not only physically but intellectually, too.  I want to learn what makes you tick and how to stimulate you in every way possible. There is very little that I’m not open to, and you will find me to be extremely open-minded. I welcome the taboo; the dark thoughts you’ve not always felt able to express in your personal life.  Trust me, I am unshockable, and your secret fantasies are safe with me – the chances are, I’m into more than a few of them myself…

 Some of the most heart-warming feedback I have received from prospective new clients has been along the lines of how my online presence made them feel at ease, and safe with me.  Many of my clients are new and nervous, and it’s hard to describe the joy and fulfilment I experience watching new friends relax and come out of their shell.  I am extremely approachable, playful and warm, and if this is a new journey for you, I would be more than honoured to be a part of it.  Private companionship is more than just a job to me – it’s my vocation.

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