“Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.”
– Roberto Bolano

Your Lover

I am a kinky troublemaker, yes, but I have a serious soft spot for vanilla encounters.

I want to make magic.  I want to see stars, and make you see them too.  I provide a girlfriend experience that is playful, joyous, free-spirited, and simply sublime.  Basically, I’m the girlfriend you wished you had when you were 18 (and the mistress you’re looking for now).  Time with me is authentic, spontaneous and oh-so-deeply-relaxing, and best of all – it’s on your terms.

The submissive side of me yearns to please. I will cater to your every need, and leave you feeling more fulfilled than you may have done for years. I spend a lot of time and effort to prepare for our date; pristine manicures, perfecting my makeup (I prefer a glamourous yet understated look, but I’m happy to take requests!), and pouring my voluptuous curves into sumptuous lingerie for you to discover in private gives me the greatest thrill. Don’t be fooled, though – the warm, soft side of me doesn’t take away from my confidence and sense of self. I am no wilting lily.

My preference is for longer bookings and long-term connections; I like to really get under your skin.  That’s not to say I don’t love shorter flights of fancy too.

If full-blown kink isn’t your thing but you like your GFE with a bit more of a kick, you should know that I’m open to filth and fantasy within these sessions – you can hop on over to read the small print (link) to see exactly what can be included.

Your BDSM Playmate

The urge to submit has been an intrinsic part of my sexuality for as far back as I remember.  As a child I was obsessed with fantasies of kidnap and hostage; even before I could understand my needs I would hide in the toy chest at the end of my bed, imagining what the baddies might do when they found me.  A career as a professional submissive seemed like the obvious choice.

I can’t explain why I am this way; my urge to submit is as strong as is yours to control.  My need for a firm hand and a good, solid spanking is a thirst like nothing else.  I know first hand how important it is to find a play partner who is as genuinely into this as you are – it’s just not the same if they aren’t.  With me, you know you’re getting an experienced, enthusiastic and genuine submissive with an insatiable ache to please you.

And if that wasn’t enough, I love to switch, too.  

My style is one of irreverence and fun, so if you’re looking for a super-serious Dominant woman who’ll never crack a smile, I’m probably not for you.  I’ll cover your backside with beautiful welts (should you want them), but I’ll giggle while I’m doing it.  I don’t try to hide the joy I get from making you squirm.

Although I am naturally submissive, over the last few years my affinity with domination has grown into a big, beautiful thing.  I can switch from a needy, obedient girl to a confident, authoritative Domme in a heartbeat.  Knowing intimately how it feels to be guided into the floatiest, fuzziest of spaces means that making this happen for you takes on a whole new meaning.


To find out what we might get up to when we meet, head on over to the FAQ.

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