Your Submissive

“…oh, God, as a woman I want to be dominated. I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding.” – Anaïs Nin.

Please, Sir.

The urge to submit has been an intrinsic part of my sexuality for as far back as I remember.  As a child I was obsessed with fantasies of kidnap and hostage; even before I could understand my needs I would hide in the toy chest at the end of my bed, imagining what the baddies might do when they found me.  A career as a professional submissive seemed like the obvious choice.

I can’t explain why I am this way; my urge to submit is as strong as is yours to control.  My need for a firm hand and a good, solid spanking is a thirst like nothing else.  I know first hand how important it is to find a play partner who is as genuinely into this as you are – it’s just not the same if they aren’t.  With me, you know you’re getting an experienced, enthusiastic and genuine submissive with an insatiable ache to please you.

What To Expect


There are few limits with me when it comes to the kind of D/s dynamic I am comfortable in.  I have a particular affinity with sensual, caring domination (and, of course, the necessary punishment when I am a little wayward), but I am in no way limited to this. What drives me as a submissive is, essentially, the need to please. I get off on fulfilling your darkest desires and scratching an itch that only folk like you and I can understand.

Some activities I enjoy are:

  • Bare-handed spanking & Corporal Punishment (mild/moderate – I don’t enjoy extreme pain)
  • Role Play (taboo scenarios are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged…)
  • Bondage/Restraint
  • Humiliation/Degradation
  • Body worship
  • Domestic service

If you’re interested in something not listed here please enquire – trust me, it’s impossible to shock me, so don’t be shy. I have a large selection of restraints and toys, and you are very welcome to bring something of your own – or just take off your belt and put me over your knee. Oh god, please take off your belt and put me over your knee.


Yes, I switch, and enthusiastically so! I’d love to play with power dynamics in session with you, or team up with one of my friends to give you a double-Domme experience you’ll never forget!

My style is one of irreverence and fun, so if you’re looking for a super-serious Dominant woman who’ll never crack a smile, I’m probably not for you.  I’ll cover your backside with beautiful welts, but I’ll giggle while I’m doing it.  I don’t try to hide the joy I get from making you squirm.

My greatest love is pain play.  I am a true sadomasochist, and I want to hurt you.  Knowing intimately how it feels to be beaten into the floatiest, fuzziest of spaces means that making this happen for you takes on a whole new meaning. Having said that, I don’t need to hurt you to get my kicks.  Please do get in touch with your session ideas!  If you’re looking for something I’m not able to provide, I’m bound to know somebody who does.

My extensive personal and professional experience of submission has given me a depth of knowledge of what it means to give up control, and a true understanding of the power in my hands. Despite my girlishly cruel tendencies you will find me to be a deeply loving and caring dominant woman; I derive a great amount of joy from helping you explore your darkest fantasies of submission, abandon and release.

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