Trust, Deposits, and the Passport Office

Trust, Deposits, and the Passport Office

I recently spent a very hot and uncomfortable afternoon at the passport office.

I’ve always hated places like that. Production lines manned by unkind faces. The assumption that you are guilty (of something? Of what?) and the pressure to prove your legitimacy. Questions designed to trip up scammers. No trust. Obviously in a place like a passport office this atmosphere is unavoidable, but as a person who is at heart loving and trusting, it’s a very uncomfortable space for me.

The one thing I’ve found most difficult about this line of work, is the inherent distrust we are often forced to harbour when meeting new clients. We have to assume the worst, and this is something that sits very unnaturally with me. I have a big, soft, trusting heart. Despite this, I have always stuck happily and rigidly to my screening policy, for my own safety and protection – and I have never regretted doing so. Aside from the odd timewaster, nobody I have met in my career as a companion has let me down to a point that I have lost a significant amount of time or money, and more importantly, I have never been hurt.

Unfortunately, I was forced to turn down a booking recently, as the client felt unable to provide the 20% deposit I asked for. In this circumstance I couldn’t agree to meet, as the time and money involved was more than I could risk losing. When my request was denied I suspected that my instinct was probably right, and that I probably would have ended up going home with a bad mood and an unhappy bank account.

If I ask you for a deposit, it’s not because I don’t trust you. It’s because my time is valuable, and vital for me to make a living – and unfortunately, there is a small minority of clients who don’t respect service providers’ time and what it means to us. If I ask you for a deposit it isn’t personal, it is just me trying to protect my income. I won’t always need to ask for a deposit, but if I do, please understand why. The atmosphere at the passport office isn’t a personal affront, and neither is my need to make sure that my time isn’t wasted and that I can pay my rent.  We companions do our best to offer our patrons the fantasy experiences they dream of but it must also be remembered that we are real people with real lives – and real bills to pay.

I understand that life happens, and that you may end up having to cancel our meet at the last minute. In this instance I will keep your deposit safe, and it can be used for another meet within a month of your cancellation.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients who allow me to be the relaxed, trusting woman I am at heart.

Poppy xxx

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