Please, Mistress
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Please, Mistress

Manners are everything.  From the first email you send, to your attitude in session with me, I will be paying very close attention to your P’s & Q’s. Good manners are a mark of respect, and I can tell a lot about a person by how they conduct themselves verbally with me – whether I’m dominating you, submitting to you, or anything in between.

‘Please’ is a word that those of us with said manners use every day, often without thinking about it.  It trips off the tongue.  However, when coming from a submissive, I want to hear weight behind the word.

“Please, Mistress.”

I love hearing your voice crack when you say it. I love it when you whisper it, because you can’t bring yourself to raise your voice in my presence.  More than that, I love making you say it. Over, and over again.  I want to hear the hope in your voice, the desperation.  I want to push you to the point where you begin to feel like an extension of me, where my attention and approval means the world to you.

As your Mistress, I can be mean. I am sadistic, strict and I take joy in your suffering.  I will giggle as you squirm and shudder under my hand.  Suffering is vital to learning, to your growth as a person and on the journey to serving me.  How will you learn to be better without it? We all need a little encouragement, and sometimes that comes from your sweat and tears.  My joy comes from witnessing this breaking-down of self.  Pain is temporary, but the gains… they last a lifetime.

I want to hear you beg.  Beg me to train you well. Convince me that you are worthy of my time, and of the energy in the swing of my right arm.  Prove to me that your place at my feet is well-earned; plead with me to show you how much better you are beneath me.

I believe you can be better.  I believe in your inner strength, and your commitment in giving yourself to me.  You will be amply rewarded.

But first?

Ask nicely.

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