The small print

Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions! Please do take some time to have a read through this section before getting in touch with any questions you may have, as you may well find the answer to be here already!  Do feel free to contact me for any clarification you might need if you are still unsure.

I am hygenic, respectful, consent-aware and communicative, and I expect the same from my lovers – if you keep this in mind, there are very few things that I won’t be willing to explore with you.  I want our time together to flow naturally, and as such it is helpful for us to know early on where we stand with boundaries.  I’m not into lists of acronyms, so the best thing to do is to let me know if there’s anything specific that’s important to you when you first make contact, to avoid disappointment on the day.

Bareback penetration, CIM,  COF (unless you want to pay for my lashes to be re-done after, in which case, feel free), hardsports,  filming me, and anything going in my butt.  If you would like to have unprotected oral, please be freshly showered and free of rashes/warts/broken skin.  I will subtly check and I will refuse if there’s anything suspicious-looking that you haven’t previously informed me of/explained, so don’t be shy.

I host incalls from a gorgeous private apartment in central London.  Fresh towels, toiletries and refreshments are always available.  
I am also very happy to visit you at your home or hotel, subject to adequate screening. I generally visit zones 1-4 but I am happy to travel further – however certain areas may carry a surcharge to cover my travel time and costs.


  • I have a preference for dates of 90 minutes or more, particularly for bookings including BDSM, however shorter sessions are available.  30 minute bookings are at my discretion and subject to availability.
  • Outcalls require a minimum booking duration of one hour during the day, and 90 minutes in the evening.
  • Outcall overnights are prioritised as I’m a sucker for a hotel breakfast. However incall overnights can be arranged.

I’m a sucker for an adventure and would love to travel to you (or with you!). I am available for dates nationwide and internationally, so please do get in touch with your ideas! Minimum booking lengths may apply depending on your location.

I’m a sucker for an adventure and would love to travel to you (or with you!). I am available for dates nationwide and internationally, so please do get in touch with your ideas! Minimum booking lengths may apply depending on your location.

Those of you who know me will know I am a die-hard group sex enthusiast.  Whether you’re looking for an eager +1 to accompany you to your favourite kinky event or swingers party, or a third person to join you and your partner for an unforgettable night of debauchery and indulgence, I am definitely your girl.

I LOVE DUOS! For a private party you won’t forget in a hurry, book me with one (or more!) of my gorgeous friends – many of us are available together, and I’m always keen to meet your favourite companions too! 

Sexual health is extremely important to me.  I am tested fortnightly, to protect myself and my lovers.  Testing regularly is easy, free and very important.  I take responsibility for my sexual health and I expect the same of my clients.  People who are sexually active should test every 3 months minimum – let me know if you need some local recommendations of where to do this discreetly, privately and conveniently!

If we are new to each other, it is likely that I will need to ask you for some screening information before we meet, and what I ask for will vary dependent on the circumstances.
This could be one (or a combination of) the following:

Visiting me:

    • Recent references from other providers
    • P411 ‘okays’
    • Your mobile phone number

Visiting you:

  • Your full real name
  • Home address/hotel booking confirmation (with name visible) forwarded, not screencapped, to my email address
  • A landline number if you have one (for home visits)
  • A photo of a recent utility bill with name and address visible, and a picture of your ID to cross-check (for home visits)

In some circumstances I may ask you for a small deposit to secure our booking.  Depending on the amount required, this will be payable via bank transfer or amazon gift card.  This deposit is non-refundable in the case of your cancellation. However, if you cancel with more than 48hrs notice and are able to reschedule for a time within 30 days of our original booking date, I will be happy to hold it towards your next booking. Repeated cancellations, with or without a deposit, will result in my being unable to book with you again, and you will be blacklisted as a time wasting client.

I understand that privacy may be a concern for you, and I will only ever ask for the minimum required in order to make me feel safe in your company – we are strangers to each other, after all (although hopefully not for long!).  Discretion is as important to me as it is to you, and I have nothing to gain from being anything other than extremely respectful of that.  Please understand that being cagey about giving screening information will only lead to me not trusting you enough to be alone with you – and therefore, sadly being unable to meet you.  My website, twitter presence and reviews will hopefully be the reassurance you need that I am reliable, trustworthy, discreet, and above all a real person!

Life happens to the best of us, and I understand if you need to cancel due to circumstances beyond your control.  However my time is as valuable as yours, and it is almost guaranteed that in order to have arranged a session with you I will have turned someone else down.  My cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If you cancel with less than 72hrs notice, 60% of our arranged fee will be payable.
  • If you cancel with 25-48hrs notice 80% of the fee will be payable.
  • If you cancel with 0-24hrs notice, I will require payment in full.

If we are able to reschedule within a week of the initial booking date, I may ask for a small deposit (if one hasn’t already been paid) in lieu of a cancellation fee – however please be aware that my diary often fills up 1-2 weeks in advance.

Unfortunately, if you choose not to honour my cancellation policy, I will be unable to book with you again.  However, if there are extenuating circumstances do let me know, and I may be able to offer a more flexible policy. It is rare that I will need to cancel an appointment but if this is unavoidable, our appointment will be rescheduled as a priority.  If rescheduling is not possible for one or both of us, you will be refunded immediately.

Let me tell you a secret… money is sexy.  Meeting strangers for clandestine trysts is sexy.  Feeling valued and respected in such a tangible way is sexy.  Put those three things together and… whaddaya know, it’s my dream job!  I chose this path for a reason, so yes, the chances are I will love hanging out with you.

I love your feedback, and I’m always happy to hear that your experience with me was memorable enough to warrant the effort taken to write one.  However, if you find yourself itching to tell the world about our tryst, I would really appreciate you dropping me a line to let me know. My preferred review sites are Captain 69, TER and Punternet.

I love gifts, and anyone who says they don’t is a dirty rotten liar. If you’re like me and get as much pleasure from giving as you do receiving, I certainly won’t stop you!  Having said that, of course I don’t expect it and I promise I won’t think less of you if you don’t.   I love surprises so don’t be afraid to bring something of your own choosing, but if you need some ideas, please do head over to my Insight page, where you will find lots of pointers to the kinds of things I like (plus specific gift ideas if you desire them!). THANK YOU! 🙂

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