Custom Erotica

Custom Erotica

For as long as I can remember, writing has been at the forefront of my passions.  Once upon a time it was my career, until I fell in love with companionship – although that hasn’t stopped me, as the rest of my blog (and my entire website) can testify.

Recently I’ve been enjoying writing erotica again.  For a time, when I was much younger and much less sexually free, it was my therapy. A way to explore and express the things I desired.  Whilst I’m a very visual person, I’ve always been more turned on by words, creativity and imagination.  Writing my own pornography, describing in delicious detail the things I desperately wanted to experience – no matter how dark and taboo – brought unmatched joy into my life, and paved the way for my own sexual awakening.

And just this morning I had a thought; what if I could share that with others?  What if I could create something for a stranger anywhere in the world, and imagine them getting off on my words? It might not be the same as physically meeting somebody in person, but it’s a thrill all on it’s own.  Erotica gives us the freedom to explore the things we might not feel comfortable exploring in real life yet.

I get many emails and DMs on twitter from gentlemen who would love to meet me, but due to time/distance/financial constraints they are unable to.  If that’s you (or even if you’re planning on meeting me and you just fancy a warm-up) perhaps you would be interested in a piece of personalised, custom erotica featuring the both of us?  I can craft your perfect experience with me and send it directly to your inbox, or even put pen to actual paper if you have a preference for the old skool way of doing things.  It’s been a long time since snail mail was fun.

For a custom piece of literary smut, direct to your inbox,  on ANY subject you wish (apart from anything obviously illegal – feel free to email for clarification) the fee will be £50, and for handwritten, £80 (based on a piece between 700-1200 words approx) You can be as specific in your ideas as you wish, or you can keep the brief minimal and let my imagination do the rest.  Payment is upfront via BACS, however I can also accept certain gift vouchers as payment if BACS isn’t possible – get in touch.  This is something I spend a lot of time and effort on, and it’s far from being my main hustle, so I only plan to take a maximum of 3-4 commissions a month.

I’m so looking forward to this.  Get in touch.

Poppy x

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