Pure Intentions – My First Video!

As you may have already seen, my first promo video with the inimitable Miss Faye Summers, a much-loved fellow duo escort, has gone live!

With a long history of involvement in musical theatre and performance art, getting to shoot this was the most fun I’ve had since I hung up my costumes and packed away my stage makeup.  This wasn’t a conscious choice; life got in the way, as it often does.  Miss Faye should take all of the credit for this – her idea was hatched a while ago, and she asked me – is it too crazy?  Too different?  Naturally, I was hugely enthusiastic about it and I am so glad it came to fruition, and that I was lucky enough to be asked to join in the fun!  I love being in front of the camera almost as much as I love having my very naughty bottom punished, so naturally shooting this video felt like a dream come true…

I am SO looking forward to shooting more videos – both with colleagues, and solo! My creative cogs are turning and ideas are firing off in all directions… but in the meantime, settle down, make sure you have volume on (this is VERY important!), and enjoy our first offering!

It would also be a shame to miss this opportunity to remind you all that Faye and I are enthusiastically available for duo escort bookings, both vanilla and kinky!  We make a fierce double-domme team, but being the filthy-minded switches we are, we are always happy to indulge in other dynamics with you – as you’ll see in the film below. If you want to experience our red-hot chemistry in real life, get in touch!

Big thanks also go to Filmed By Duke, who shot the footage for us!

Pure Intentions from Poppy Fox on Vimeo.

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