Your Lover

“Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.”
- Roberto Bolano

The girlfriend experience that I offer is tailored to you.

Time with me is in turns thrilling, intimate, and unforgettable.  I am completely down to earth and approachable, and there's no chance of me taking myself too seriously. Life is too short, don't you think?

A true social chameleon with a love for adventure, I'm the perfect plus-one for whatever you've got planned.  Whether you're taking me to a high-end restaurant, a gallery opening, a debauched party with your friends or mine (or both!), or your favourite London cafe for a shared bowl of chips, I will conduct myself in a way that is perfect for the occasion. I love being spoiled with champagne and fancy dinners (who doesn't?),  but the true way to my heart? Relax with me. Have fun with me. Take me to your favourite place, wherever that may be, or let me show you some of mine. And I’ll never say no to an excellent steak dinner (on the rare side, of course).

As much as I'd love being your luxury arm-candy, I seek something more intimate and real in our encounters, too. Is this true for you?  My laid back demeanour will help you relax if you're new to this world - or even if you're at the very beginning of your sexual self-discovery.

I get a real kick out of slowly getting to know you, not only physically but intellectually, too.  I want to learn what makes you tick and how to stimulate you in every way possible. The obvious is nothing without the abstract.

The 'Poppy Experience' is a fluid one.  For a hypersexual creature such as myself, there is very little that I'm not open to in terms of our dynamic.  From the most sweet, gentle, vanilla romp to something more raunchy and experimental, I'm down with it.  In our initial communications we can discuss what you like (and arguably more importantly, what you don't like) and negotiate a session that will thrill the pair of us!

I'm not a big fan of extensive lists of services, but let's not beat around the bush (har har).  You want to know what you can expect during a session with me, and I want to know that my boundaries won't be inadvertently crossed.  If you're keen on something not listed here, don't be afraid to ask when you contact me

I do's & I don'ts

Yes please

  • Kissing
  • Oral without protection (OWO)
  • Oral with protection (OW)
  • Oral on me (RO)
  • Fucking. Fucking hard, fucking gently, fucking slow, fucking frantically and breathlessly... All of it.
  • Rimming both ways - I offer a covered rimming service only.
  • Anal play/Strap-on play
  • Facial finish (COF) - open mouth facial finish is at my discretion
  • Come on my body (COB)
  • Hand jobs (giving and receiving)
  • Squirting - of course I can't guarantee this will happen but I am more than happy to show you the best ways to get me there.
  • Having real orgasms. I don't fake it and I don't need to.  You'll see.
  • Fisting at my discretion
  • Role play, from the old favourites to testing the limits of our combined imagination.

No thank you

  • Unprotected penetrative sex.  Any attempt at this will lead to the immediate termination of our session without refund - no second chances.
  • Come in my mouth (CIM) and swallow.  
  • Anal penetration
  • You being too rough with sensitive areas - I respond much better to gentle touches!
  • Tickling.
  • Licking my ears - although very light nibbles are gorgeous.
  • 'Party' bookings

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