Breaking a Sweat

The time has finally come… I am back in the gym!

After what feels like years away from my sanity-saving haven, I have found a new gym in my new stomping ground – and tested it out for the first time today.

I don’t know what it is about the gym but my attitude towards life is 100% better when I spend at least two or three of my days each week sweating buckets on the cross-trainer and making very attractive faces whilst deadlifting.  Since my gym break I have lost a little of my definition – not a lot, but enough for me to notice – and I miss it. I don’t want to be Miss Muscle 2016, but I want to feel strong again.

Another thing I have noticed is that regular exercise gets my libido racing (as if it wasn’t ridiculously high enough already)… I wonder if the same could be said for the chap who was very intently watching my sandbag squats today!


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