An Unconventional Relationship

One of the beautiful things about life, and of love, is that every relationship is unique. Every friendship, every partnership, in every possible context will have a dynamic slightly (or vastly) different to the last.

From those who have never experienced this world, there are a lot of assumptions made about escorts, clients, and the unique relationship between us.  It is of course of a transactional nature, but my own experience of dalliances within the demimonde has taught me that there’s a whole lot more to it than just a case of handing the money over and taking our clothes off.

I have somehow inadvertently become a confidante, an advisor, and a friend to many, and my clients have become these things to me.  My room has become a safe space, and I find this deeply humbling.

My clients talk about grief, of unhappiness.  They talk of joy, of new births in the family, of their childrens’ A-level results.  Many laugh with me, others have cried in my arms.  Somehow, a unique and beautiful space, somewhere between strangers and life-long friends, has been created; a place where we use pseudonyms and second phones alongside sharing things that are deeply raw and personal.  There is a sense of tenderness within a world traditionally shrouded in secrecy and stigma.  I learned very early on that money exchanging hands does not automatically place the client-escort relationship in a cold and unfeeling box.

I have never really had a ‘work persona’ – those of you who have spent time with me will know that.  I use a pseudonym, of course, but I couldn’t be anything other than myself if I tried, which is why it has always been important to me that there is a mutual respect and fondness present in the room – not just an envelope stuffed with cash.  If I didn’t, I would be utterly miserable.  I embarked on this career precisely because I didn’t want to be miserable at work any more.  I wanted to feel valued and appreciated; I was looking for the same things my clients look for when they take a deep breath and tap out their first email to me.

My clients have become friends.  Perhaps not friends in a ‘traditional’ sense, but friends nonetheless.  Friends whom I look forward to catching up with, and whom I genuinely care for.  This world brings people together who may never have met in any other way.  It is levelling in a way I couldn’t have predicted.

People often come to escorts because they want to experience certain things without any risk of emotional entanglement and drama – but I’ve learned quickly that this, and building a unique bond full of emotion and care, are not mutually exclusive.

Poppy xxx



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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Poppy.
    Any Courtesan worthy of the name becomes a friend of her clients. Getting to know a new person is atleast as important as the physical activities when arranging a date with a new courtesan.

    Because of this friend-relationship I always qualify a great date as a Friend Experience rather than a GFE.

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